A pool is incomplete without a beautiful-looking deck. Thanks to innovations in the decking industry, you’re no longer limited to wood or concrete surfaces around your pool. The introduction of pedestal systems has transformed the world of pool decks, providing a myriad of design options that not only look and perform better but offer greater safety too.

Here are a few ways Uptec pedestal systems are your best choice for a better and safer pool deck:

Instant Drainage

Around the pool, good drainage is imperative in keeping things safe. A pool deck constructed with a pedestal system has drainage built right in – water drains through the space between tiles above.

DIY Friendly Installation

Comprising of only three components, Uptec adjustable pedestals are simple to use and make it easy to overcome any raised flooring challenges or inclined surfaces. With no adhesive or grout required, installing a pedestal system around the pool is a hassle-free process for DIY-ers. Simply lay them out, adjust for height and top with porcelain pavers, tiles or your preferred surface material. Dealing with a slope? Adjustable pedestals from high-quality pedestal manufacturers like Uptec can easily accommodate sloped surfaces or create one for drainage.

A Cost-Effective Alternative

If you are working with a tight budget, a pedestal system is right up your alley. Concrete is incredibly expensive, but a pedestal deck around the pool can be installed for a fraction of the price. You’ll also save a bundle on labour, excavation and disposal costs, making pedestals a budget-friendly alternative.

Durable Decks

Pedestals can help you create a long-lasting, maintenance-free deck. Solid and durable, pedestals will last a lifetime. When topped with a porcelain surface, your deck will resist the ravages of winter. They won’t shift after freeze/thaw cycles, nor will they crack in the cold.

Safer Surfaces

When you surface a pedestal deck, porcelain pavers are a smart and safe choice for around the pool. Porcelain is naturally slip-resistant, making them the ideal choice for this application.

Load Bearing Strength

The Uptec pedestal system creates raised floors with exceptional load-bearing strength. The loading capacity of each pedestal support is rated at  1,400 kg.

Hide Conduits Underneath

Raised floors, such as those built using a pedestal system, create a natural cavity below. This is a smart way to disguise electrical and plumbing conduits. Need occasional access for inspection or repair? Simply lift a tile; it’s that easy!

Construction Convenience

Not every yard can accommodate a cement truck or even material deliveries. Pedestals are light enough to be carried by hand, making building even easier and reducing transportation costs.

Low Maintenance

Pedestal decks are low-maintenance. Forget about sanding and staining every year or two. A tiled pedestal deck only needs an annual power washing to bring it back to its freshly-installed good looks. You also won’t need to repair and rebuild it every few years like wood.

Design Versatility

Design options are endless with a pedestal deck. Mix and match surface materials, extend your interior design outdoors or keep the same aesthetic on stairs. You’ll achieve a luxurious, high-end aesthetic with minimal effort, even around the pool.

A Sustainable Alternative

Pedestals are durable and do not break down over time like other materials. When you don’t need to replace materials every few years, you reduce your environmental impact. Pedestals also do not release chemicals or insecticides into the soil the way pressure-treated lumber can. Uptec is certified EPD. A series of case studies have demonstrated that Uptec has an advantage of over 70% in terms of the environmental impact of carbon dioxide emissions when compared to traditional methods of external flooring assemblies such as bonded tile on a lightweight screed.

To learn more about using pedestal systems to build a better and safer deck around the pool, we invite you to visit https://canadianpedestalsystems.ca/