Raised Floors as Easy as 1-2-3!

The revolutionary Uptec installation system from Profilitec makes it easy to enjoy the benefits of raised or floating floors.

Simple and easy to use, Uptec adjustable pedestals utilize only three elements, overcoming any raised floor challenges including inclined surfaces.

Raised floors offer many advantages, including excellent aesthetics, improved safety, outstanding load resistance and more. They even offer a great way to disguise piping and electrical systems.

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Whether you are constructing a raised outdoor floor, a terrace or a swimming pool deck, the Uptec system is incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of projects and locations. Now the sky’s the limit when creating unique outdoor spaces. Use the Uptec floating floor system wherever raised floors make sense.

The patented Uptec system consists of only three elements – the SUPAL, SUPAS and the SUPAR, and can be used with a variety of surface materials ranging from ceramic to wooden planks. Opt for a standard installation, or accommodate wood or aluminum joists, the choice is yours.

Raise your floor to any height you need and overcome incline issues quickly and effortlessly. Simply add or remove rings to increase or decrease the height of the pedestal. Dealing with a slope? Choose fixed or self-levelling heads to create perfectly level floors. Uptec pedestals can even be used on projects already in progress, making it easy to level out an uneven or inclined surface.

When you choose the Uptec floating floor system, rainwater drains away quickly, minimizing the risk of slips & falls. This solid and durable system also offers exceptional load-bearing strength and easy access to whatever lays below, making inspections of hidden piping and electrical systems a breeze.


The SUPAL low height pedestal is designed for lower floor heights. SUPAL is ideal for floors as low as 28 mm (1-3/32”), reaching to a maximum level of 43 mm (1-11/16”).


Acting as the base for your raised or floating floor, SUPAS comes with pre-cut lines, making it easy to cut when used on corners or perimeters. SUPAS also comes with pre-drilled holes to allow water to flow out. If you’re using stone or porcelain pavers, simply apply 2mm or 4mm spacers. To attach wood/steel beams or joists, use the SUPAW head.


Use the Uptec SUPAR rings in combination with the SUPAS standard support. These stackable modular extension rights can be used individually, or in multiples to reach the desired height.

Installing a floating floor has never been so easy!

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