As populations grow, cities grow denser, and property sizes shrink. While living in urban areas offers a
variety of desirable benefits, large lot sizes are not one of them. To create more livable outdoor spaces,
designers are creating large usable balconies and rooftop patios. Whether homeowner or contractor,
the challenge faced is how to make these beautiful balconies and rooftops maintenance-free. Pedestal
decking systems make this possible and much easier than you might think.
When we think of balconies, a concrete slab or wood-framed structure with a slope comes to mind.
However, a pedestal decking system can help make the task easier, more affordable and faster. Pedestal
decking systems allow you to create whatever living space you desire, without connecting through
waterproofing membranes, allowing you to adjust for pitch or slope, and around any obstacles.
Also known as a pedestal paver system, a pedestal decking system generally refers to pedestal supports
used to raise tiles or pavers up off the existing roof surface to create an elevated deck or raised floor.
When using a pedestal system, attaching it to the roofing membrane does not affect its integrity and
allows for free-flowing drainage of water on roofs. It can also efficiently work around any mechanical
systems that may be present on the roof itself and even obscure things like drainage or plumbing &
electrical conduits.

What is the Uptec Pedestal Decking System?
Manufactured by Prolifitech, the Uptec Pedestal System uses a unique installation system for floating or
raised floors. The Uptec Pedestal System is an adjustable pedestal that is simple and easy to use,
utilizing only three key elements and a range of useful accessories. The Uptec Pedestal System has three
main components, including a self-levelling or fixed head to allow installation of floors at any height or
even on sloped surfaces up to 5%. Most rival pedestal systems require multiple components to
overcome the various heights required, making the layout of parts quite challenging.
Since pedestal decking systems are, in essence, raised floating floors, running any electrical, lighting or
gas lines for a fire feature is simple to install. Another great benefit of this system is that you can easily
lift the floor tiles to access any of these mechanical items to service them or repair the roof or balcony if

Uptec Pedestal Decking System
Composed of adjustable supports that level and uniformly space surfacing materials, pedestal decking
systems offer inherent water drainage and airflow. Exceptionally versatile and strong, pedestal decking
systems allow for support from as little as 28mm, a number that increases with stackable modular
extension rings to make any installation possible. The Uptec Pedestal Decking System comprises three
SUPAL – Recommended for lower heights, allowing you to raise the flooring system from 28 mm to a
maximum level of 43 mm, and can accommodate any Uptec Pedestal Decking System accessories.
SUPAS – The standard pedestal allows for the raised floor adjustment between 43mm and 58mm. pre-
drilled holes allow water to flow out, and pre-cut lines make cutting the pedestal on corners or
perimeters easy.
SUPAR – A modular, stackable extension ring which can be used with the SUPAS standard pedestal. Stack
the SUPAR as needed to establish the desired height and eliminate much of the guesswork of the layout.
Simply add a SUPAR ring when your SUPAS pedestal is too short!
ACCESSORIES – Use the 2mm or 4mm spacers when installing pavers or porcelain tiles and
the SUPAW head for attaching wood/steel beams or joists.
If you’re considering expanding your outdoor living space, consider the Uptec Pedestal Decking
System by Profilitec. Whether installing porcelain pavers or stone, laying SilcaGrate or seeking a creative
way to disguise electrical and piping systems, pedestal decking systems like Uptec will help you get the
job done faster, easier, and more effectively.