Frequently Asked Questions2022-04-30T11:21:21-04:00

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum height of Uptec pedestals for raised floors?2022-08-29T18:49:22-04:00

Uptec pedestals can be stacked to achieve greater heights. SUPAS pedestals, which offer heights of
43mm – 58mm) can be combined with SUPAR rings, increasing the height in 30mm increments.
You can also use the SUPARX4, known as the “big ring,” for taller projects. This Uptec component
comprises 4 SUPAR rings already preassembled. The maximum height tested is 22 SUPAR rings with a
total height of 71.8cm. We recommend reaching out for advice when attempting projects more than
30cm in height.

Does Uptec offer a support to reinforce raised floors?2022-08-29T18:49:07-04:00

The SUPAF anti-fracture membrane can be applied to the underside of your tiles prior to installation.
This membrane helps to prevent tile fractures due to the impact of heavy objects on the surface. The
membrane keeps the cracked pieces together so the tile can continue to support the weight. Uptec
recommends using the SUPAF membrane on any raised floor higher than 12-15 cm in height and for
public buildings with higher safety standards.

What is the maximum distance between pedestals?2022-08-29T18:48:50-04:00

The maximum distance between Uptec pedestals is 60cm or two feet. If your tiles are larger than this,
we recommend placing a central pedestal in addition to the four on the corners.

How are Uptec pedestals fastened to the floor?2022-08-29T18:48:36-04:00

Uptec pedestals are not mechanically connected to the substrate, which is why they are ideal for
rooftop applications. They are positioned on your surface, and the weight of the tiles above holds them
in place and keeps them stable.

What are Uptec Pedestals, and How Can I Use Them?2022-06-30T17:31:24-04:00

Uptec pedestals are a low-maintenance, commercial-grade decking solution. Raise your floor to any height you need and overcome incline issues quickly and effortlessly. Comprised of only three elements, Uptec adjustable pedestals are simple and easy to use. Whether you are constructing a raised outdoor floor, a rooftop patio or a swimming pool deck, the Uptec system is incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of projects and locations. Simply add or remove rings to increase or decrease the height of the pedestal. Choose fixed or self-levelling heads to create perfectly level floors., even when dealing with a slope.

How Do I Calculate the Number of Pedestals I Need?2022-06-30T17:31:06-04:00

Determining the number of pedestals, you need for your project is an easy formula. Simply measure and count the number of surface tiles you’ll install across the length and width of your project. Then, just add a “1” to each number and multiply. For example, if you plan to install six tiles across the width and ten tiles along the length, the equation would be 7 x 11 = 77 pedestals.

How do I Use Uptec Pedestals to Correct for Sloped Surfaces?2022-06-30T17:30:49-04:00

Uptec adjustable pedestals utilize only three elements, effortlessly overcoming any raised floor challenges, including inclined surfaces. When dealing with a slope, choose fixed or self-levelling heads to create perfectly level floors, even on the fly. Uptec pedestals can be used for brand new builds or brought in to address a slope issue of an existing project.

Do I need to be starting a new project to use pedestals?2022-04-30T10:54:35-04:00

While a brand new pedestal deck or patio is sure to enhance your outdoor living space, Uptec pedestals can be used to help level existing projects. If you’re dealing with a sagging raised floor, need access to the area below or simply need to level out an area in a tight spot, pedestals can make the task easier, faster and cost-effective.  Simply switch between fixed or self-levelling heads to create perfectly level floors, regardless of the underlying slope.

How do I know what height of pedestal I need?2022-04-30T10:54:17-04:00

After installing the waterproofing membrane, measure the height between the top of the roofing membrane and the bottom of the door threshold (where you’d like the top of the flooring to line up at the doorway). From this number, subtract the thickness of your surface material.

For example: If there is 5-inches of space between the membrane and the door threshold, and your paver thickness is ¾”, you’ll need 4 ¼ -inches of pedestal height. Pedestals will get taller as the roof slopes toward drains or roof edges. Uptec offers an easy solution for adjustments to accommodate sloped surfaces to ensure a perfectly level floor.

What are the benefits of adding a rooftop patio?2022-04-30T10:54:01-04:00

Aside from the obvious – being the most popular house on the block, a rooftop patio offers a variety of functional benefits.

A rooftop patio can:

  • Double the life expectancy of your roofing membrane by protecting it from the elements
  • Add to your home’s value and your enjoyment of it
  • Add additional outdoor living space
  • Reduce energy costs by adding to your home’s R-value
What are Uptec pedestals made of? Are they environmentally friendly?2022-04-30T11:18:07-04:00

The Uptec pedestal system is made of recycled high-density polypropylene plastic. It offers a variety of potential environmental advantages in comparison to the traditional techniques of posing and dismantling floors. Because pedestals can be easily disassembled without being mixed with other materials during the dismantling phase, the recycling rate potential at the installed floor end of life is improved. No water, glue or adhesives are required during the installation phase, nor additional energy because the process is entirely manual. Uptec pedestals are light to transport, further reducing their environmental impact, and they do not release dust or substances harmful to the environment during their entire use phase. Because Uptec pedestals are engineered to last for 30+ years, they are a waste-free option.

There are lots of pedestal systems out there. Why should I choose Uptec?2022-02-21T10:43:37-05:00

The innovation behind the Uptec pedestal system is not just the product but also its functionality. The Uptec system is composed of a locking disc inserted inside the pedestal, which lets the installer automatically switch from fixed head mode to self-levelling mode without buying separate products. This saves time labour and makes planning much more straightforward.

How complicated is the Uptec pedestal system to use?2022-04-30T11:18:13-04:00

Uptec adjustable pedestals are simple to use and make it easy to overcome any raised flooring challenges or inclined surfaces. The patented Uptec system consists of only three elements – the SUPAL, SUPAS and the SUPAR. It can be used with various surface materials ranging from ceramic to wooden planks. Opt for a standard installation or accommodate wood or aluminum joists; the choice is yours. Raise your floor to any height you need and overcome incline issues quickly and effortlessly. Simply add or remove rings to increase or decrease the height of the pedestal. Are you dealing with a slope? Choose fixed or self-levelling heads to create perfectly level floors.

Can Uptec pedestals really help me create level floors of any height?2022-04-30T11:18:18-04:00

Regardless of what you start with, the Uptec pedestal system will help you construct level floors. Whether you’re dealing with a sloped roof or an uneven slab, you’ll always enjoy flat surfaces and can build to any height you need. The Uptec system’s fixed or self-levelling heads can reach up to a 5% slope, and they can be brought into your projects that are already underway to solve uneven or inclined surface issues.

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