Constructing a deck or patio to expand and enhance your outdoor living space isn’t as straightforward as indoor upgrades. After all, you’ll need to deal with uneven terrain, sloped surfaces, and even Canada’s freeze & thaw cycles, which can wreak havoc with your hardscapes. 

Using a pedestal system when constructing a deck or patio offers numerous advantages, easily tackling the above issues. Here are 11 benefits of installing a pedestal system for your deck or patio. 

Great in Tight Spots – When you’re trying to construct a new patio, getting a cement truck or other material transportation on site is not always easy. Pedestals are small, lightweight, and can even be carried by hand. They’re also helpful in tight locations where you don’t want to have to cut materials on site. 

Slopes – Trying to build a slope into your patio for drainage? Need to correct for an existing slope or uneven surface? Adjustable pedestals can do the heavy lifting, making the job easy, fast, and straightforward. Pedestals can even be brought into an existing project to deal with a slope issue. 

Rooftop Builds – Pedestal systems can open up a world of new places to build, even on your rooftop. Now you can construct that rooftop patio or deck, even on a sloped roof, with the help of pedestals. Pedestals cause no damage to existing roofing systems, create easy drainage, and are the perfect support for rooftop surfaces like wood tiles, porcelain tiles or even green roofs. 

Structural Movement Absorption – Weather can cause issues with your surface materials, expanding in the summer and contracting in the winter. Rather than installing your pavers directly onto the surfaces with adhesive where they cannot move freely and thus are under stress, pedestals create the space they need – preserving your project’s integrity season after season. 

Acoustic Insulation – Pedestals create a noise barrier, significantly reducing impact sound. This means that those living beneath a rooftop patio won’t hear every footstep from above. 

An Environmentally Friendly Option – Pedestal systems are entirely recyclable and are often made of recycled materials. They eliminate the need for adhesives and are an environmentally friendlier alternative to patios built with concrete. 

Thermal Insulation – Projects built with pedestals benefit from heat insulation, protecting the ground surface from harmful UV rays. When used on a rooftop, a pedestal system can even protect the roofing system below, extending its lifespan. 

Faster Builds – Pedestal systems can eliminate most of the excavation associated with building a new patio. This saves you labour, time, and the associated expenses, including disposal, transportation and aggregate. 

Efflorescence is Eliminated – Installing pavers or tiles on the ground surface often causes efflorescence – the build-up of salt on a porous surface. This is never an issue when using a pedestal system. 

Load-bearing Strength – Pedestals are remarkably strong, boasting impressive load-bearing strength. Strong and durable, pedestals will stand the test of time, supporting your projects for a lifetime. 

Built-In Drainage -The nature of constructing projects with a pedestal system means that there is a tiny space between each surface tile, creating built-in drainage. Water drains away quickly, making pedestal systems ideal for outdoor projects, including those around the pool 


From safety concerns to saving you time, labour and money, pedestal systems offer numerous advantages when constructing decks, patios, or other hardscapes. Learn more about the benefits of pedestal systems and how they can make your new builds faster, easier, and cheaper by visiting Canadian Pedestal Systems today!